X Marks the Booty is a gift event; completing quests can give maps that can then be sent to union members and followers. These maps can be matched by the recipient to gain more rewards.

Duration: After 7/31's maintenance to 8/5 2:00 AM PST/PDT

Map Collection Rewards
Maps Collected (Total) Reward
50 AP Potion x2
100 Gold Summon x2
150 BP Potion x2
200 Crowns x50
300 AP Potion x3
350 6★ Awilda x1
400 Crowns x100
450 6★ Awilda x1
500 BP Potion x3
600 6★ Awilda x1
700 6★ Awilda x1
800 6★ Awilda x1
900 Gold Summon x3
1,000 Crowns x200

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