Vinea's Bingo Rewards


Step 1: Let's Play Bingo!Edit

  • First Bingo card starts at Beginner difficulty.
  • Work your way up through Adept, Expert, Master, and Sage cards!

Step 2: Complete Goals!Edit

  • Clearing a Goal will clear that number on the Bingo Card.
  • Clearing 5 Goals vertically, horizontally, or diagonally counts as a Bingo.

Step 3: Adapt your deck for certain Goals!Edit

  • Some Goals have specific conditions like "Female Units Only" or "All Water Deck".
  • These must be met in order to complete a Goal! Adapt and conquer!

Step 4: Clear the Card and get Rewards!Edit

  • Fully completing a Bingo Card will reward you with prizes!


  • The 'Hyper Bomb' feat can be achieved by slamming a heavy enemy, like a Garm, from a very high altitudes!

Slice -> Crumple should reduce the weight and get you on the right track!

  • Clear the "Perform 'Fly Me to the Moon'" bingo challenge by knocking an enemy high into the sky... You might even see the moon! (This can be done on any stage during a Quest)
  • The higher the bingo card, the higher the difficulty. There might be times where you need to strategize skills and search for certain units to help you.
  • Support Skills are those skills that activate when using Rend or Crumple.
  • You can display a monster's name by holding down on the monster. Use this information to locate monsters for bingo challenges.
  • Utilize Bonus Quests to clear some of the bingo challenges more easily.


  • Event Rules, Times, and Conditions may be changed without notice.
  • Clearing bingo challenges that aren't on the card you are presently on will have no effect.
  • Bingo Conditions must be completed in the main story Quests. Attempts to complete conditions in the Sands of Time WILL NOT count.
  • Completing a Goal without completing the Quest (i.e. Retire / Lose) will NOT count for Bingo Cards.

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