I guess I should ask if anyone has a problem with the following ideas first, although I already have begun applying them.

So I would like to changes some things in the unit pages, mostly just the order of information, in order to create a sort of standard, examples below:

Make it so that Rush skills are always in the 1st skill slot on units with both a Rush and Multi skill. This would effectively make it so that there will never be a Rush Skill in the 2nd skill slot (one less thing on the filter list). I don't believe it matters in-game which skills are in which slot (for the most part), it's just a matter of preferences. Possible combinations below:
1st Skill Slot --- 2nd Skill Slot
Rush --- Multi
Rush --- Support
Multi --- Support
Rush --- Passive
Multi --- Passive
Support --- Passive
Passive --- Passive
Whatever --- Unique

Another thing I would like to change is the order of Effects in multiple Effects Skills. Below is the order of the Effect, first to last:
Increase Ally Attack
Decrease Enemy Attack
Increase Ally Defense
Decrease Enemy Defense
Increase Ally HP
Decrease Enemy HP
Increase Ally Skill Rate
Charge Burst
Reduce Ability Timer
Increase Bonus Rate
Increase Skill Awakening Rate
(Immediate) Heal(-ing)
Heal-Over-Time (Buff)
Cure Status (Problems)
Revive Fallen Ally
Auto-Revive (Self?) when Defeated
Lighten Enemy
Poison Enemy
Paralyze Enemy
Stun Enemy

I plan on adding more details to the unit pages, like how many hits and how much damage a skill does (probably through the mouseover function), adding tags, such as "Attack Up" Passive and "Debuffing Attack" Skill, and possibly rewording skills' effect to make it clearer on how it works, like "When X happens, This Unique does Y".

On a side note, I changed all the 7* to the new Templates.
Let me know what you think of the upcoming changes, please.

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