1. Send the registration form to your desired email.
    Find the User Registration Rewards icon on the home page's lower left scrolling menu or select Menu > Other > User Registration.
  2. Open the Registration complete email in your inbox.
  3. Type the password from the registration email into the game.
  4. Check your Gift Box for your rewards!

*Players who have already registered can receive the new Rewards by simply entering their previous registration password.


  • Gold-Summon-Ticket Gold Summon ×10
  • Mini-AP-Potion Mini AP Potion ×30
  • Mini-BP-Potion Mini BP Potion ×30


  • An account may only be registered once.
  • Please ensure the following domain isn't filtered into your spam
  • If you are unsure on how to adjust your spam settings, please check your device's manual or contact the manufacturer.

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