Sky GunnersEdit

The name of the Union comes from one of my favorite games as a kid called Sky Gunner. Amazing hidden gem for the ps2 I was able to find by luck and everyone should check it out if they have the chance.

For now the Union won't have that many rules and limitations. I'll be making those up as problems pop up.


Members: 12/20

Stance: All Welcome!


  1. Damai
  2. zicar
  3. NuggiOfDeatH
  4. Chompa
  5. Ghost_Star
  6. JimA2013
  7. Shirousagi
  8. Max_64
  9. Samejima Akira
  10. UnholyJudgement
  11. Solmagnum (Alt Leader)
  12. PantsOnHead

Union's PurposeEdit

The Union will be going casual until further notice. Not much has changed from before. Level requirement is a bit less strict now, you must participate in events, be active, join Line chat, but the union won't be competing in Union wars for top places.

The dreaded rulesEdit

As of 12/11/2014 the first rule for the Union will go into effect.

  1. Any raid that you haven't found yourself can only be attacked with one bp, once. Any raid that you found you can attack as many times as you want with as much bp as you want whenever you want. You can only attack a raid that you haven't found more than once  when the player that found that raid gives the ok.
  • This rule only affects raids lvl 8 and up
  • If the raid is normal, anyone can freely attack it if the timer reaches 10 minutes. If it's a wild raid, anyone can attack it once the timer reaches 5 minutes.
  • This rule affects everyone, even if you aren't in our Line group and miss information. So I suggest you join our group to avoid any unnecessary trouble.
  • You get 2 chances to break the rule. Third time your raids will be open to be attacked by anyone who wants to for the remainder of the raid event going on at the time. (If everyone wants to break the rule be my guest, but no complaining afterwards about Nuggi or me nuking raids lol)
  • If there is an event concerning raids where Union points are used for ranking to get the prizes, the last 5 hours of the event will be free for all.

That's it for now, the rule is subject to change. If anyone has suggestions, give them at will.

I want to join, can I?Edit

I don't ask for much, but if you wish to join you need to have the following things

  1. Be level 70-90 and up
  2. Be active
  3. Do raids/events
  4. Join our Line group/ My Line ID is solmagnum.

There would also need to be open space.

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