Diamond Eclipse (Updated on September 22, 2016)Edit

Members: 20/20

Leader Name: MarcH

Union Rank: 23

Union Stance: Fairly Serious!

Union Availability: Closed

Status: Not Recruiting

Last UvU Rank: 23


Diamond Eclipse is a very active union during not only UvU, we help each other on raid and gift events as well. We use Line App for communication to discuss about strategies and also use it to chat about random subjects. Our members are friendly and easy to talk to, so expect some weird people. (not MarcH obviously owo)

We've managed to stay within the top 60 unions in the past UvUs and have slowly improved over the past UvUs. We always aim to improve for next battles and rely on our fellow unionmates to share ideas and possible strategies. We do have some already established UvU strategies and raid rules, we'll explain all that to you once you get in our union.

Current Members (As of September 22, 2016)Edit

  • MarcH
  • Aitu
  • IceQueen26
  • Vanilla
  • Kross
  • ZeRebellion
  • Yousef
  • Hjjjj
  • Ayame
  • Crescend
  • Frozensoul1210
  • EKLee
  • Ranos
  • Orlind14
  • Archer
  • flamexyz
  • Kiyuki
  • Memory
  • rae


  • Active at least 2.5/3 battles during Union vs. Union battles.

(Note: We do know everyone has a life, so if you miss more than 1 battle in a day due to RL problem, let us know.)

  • Minimum Level: 170 - Mainly looking for FL players
  • Raid Deck Stats: 85k ATK / 270k HP (Minimum)
  • Quest Deck Stats: 35k ATK / 75k HP (Minimum)
  • Line App. We do not accept members without Line.
  • Cooperative and friendly people.
  • No drama.

If you don't meet the level or the raid/quest deck requirements, we may excuse that if you have excellent attendence for Union vs. Union events.

How To JoinEdit

Thanks for taking interest in our union! Leave a message on MarcH's profile in game, perferably with LINE already installed. We may will ask if you would send a screenshot of your UvU deck (Raid deck 3) as well as your quest deck.

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