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Union ListEdit

Name Rank Members Recruiting? Type Leader Stance Description

Solemn Promise







Last Update: 18 July 2018

Solemn Promise is a relatively casual union. We have some strong members, and we have members who are becoming stronger.

Lovely Darkness 1 6/20 Yes Closed Sixth Fairly Serious!

(Posted: 30 June 2018)

Newly formed, Lovely Darkness welcomes anyone! We do not ask much from our members beyond participating when you can and trying your best.

Seashells Union

S.Salix S.Meru

S 22


S 19/20

M 15/20

S Yes

M Yes


S - Hula

M - WhiskyWiskian

S - Hardcore only!

M - Fairly Serious!

Last Update: 18 July 2016

Salix sells seashells by the sea shore. The shells that she sells are seashells from shore. And if she sells seashells on the sea shore, then I'm sure the shells she sells are seashells from shore.

PS: I once copied Knight's of Storm's description. Sorry about that - WhiskyWiskian

RiverClan 18 9/20 Yes Closed Mylo Fairly Serious! We are a union looking for both frontliners and supporters for upcoming UvU events. We require that you have Line, and you can contact the leader at Nina8705 on Line. Please do this before sending your request to the union! 
Fishtaria 18 15/20 Yes Closed Arvensis Fairly Serious Looking for fls and experienced summoners. Activity in UvU is of utmost importance. Contact Rlyure on line for more details. 
Lolicons 1 2/20 Yes Closed Koyomic

Beginners OK!

Last Updated: Aug 2017

A new Union for anyone wishing to get out the inactive 'open' Unions.

Anyone is welcome, to come and learn the game, defeat Raid bosses, and have fun!

You won't be kicked unless the Union is full and you're heavily inactive, not required to play everyday ^_^


Flat is Justice!

No orz no otl 20 17/20 yes Closed Kisa Hardcore Only!

Last Updated: Nov 2015

We are top 30 ranking union in UvU and we are motivated to push ourselves back to top 20!

We are an active and friendly union. Our last UvU rank was 29 and we are always working hard to improve!  

Member Requirements:

-Quest atk should be 33k+

-Raid atk should be 250k+

-80% attendance for UvU, cannot miss more than one battle per day.

-Must have LINE and be responsive to notification!


kisa  (in game name)

alice (in game name)

JSK-Team! 10 20/20 Yes Closed ShinJSK Fairly Serious!

Active players needed to Call to Arms events.

Game contact: ShinJSK

LINE ID contact: shinjsk

Elysian Fields

10 18/20 Yes Closed Trenzalore

Fairly Serious! 

Looking to recruit active players 

Game Contact: Trenzalore

LINE ID contact: ladyaj

LINE ID contact: ste_bax 

ImmortalCardCrew 20 17/20 Yes Closed Faust Hardcore Only! Very active union looking for fresh mea- I mean, new members who want to be part of a fun and friendly environment! ^^;
Praise Helix 20 18/20 Yes Closed Chiara Toscana Hardcore Only!

Last Updated: January 18, 2016

Ranked 8 - last UvU with the goal of rank 1-10 in the future. Currently have 2 slots open.

We are a tight-knit group that is active every event and values trust, responsibility, loyalty and having fun together.

  Line Contact: griaravager or choombi for more details

Red Square 13 18/20 Yes Closed Crozeph All welcome Friendly union looking for active players. You can leave a comment on profile in-game to request to join or msg in Line to Crozeph. We are active in all events!
[Bloody Insane] 16 20/20 No Closed 藍 Scarlett All welcome We are an active union (as of the 21st of July, 2015) and are looking for players with level 50 and above. Inactivity for a long period of time (2 months or less) will result in getting kicked, we look forward to seeing you!
Karneval 16 20/20 Yes Closed Blurski Hardcore

Very Active Top 30 Union See inside for details to find out how u can apply <3 

Updated 7/12/2015

The Alliance 16 19/20 Yes Closed Xeris Hardcore Only! Prospecting players must be at least lvl 100. Being inactive for 7 days will result in a kick. Only requests on Line will be considered. Contact me: [Xeris77]
Stormblessed 13 12/20 Yes Closed Alain Fairly Serious! Any player with lvl 50+ is welcome. Just stay active during union-based events and at the very least communicate via union page. Line is preferred but not a rule for joining. You can find me on line: kaladinn
Soundless Rain 12 19/20 Yes Closed Ruthless All welcome!! Vicious and Delicious
Celestial ☆ 8 13/20 Yes Closed Mister Perfekt Fairly Serious Active players needed.

Contact: Starlight☆ in game message.

Komica 2 19 20/20 No Closed NEFFR Hardcore Inactive 3 days without a reason will be kick. LINE application only.

Please read our union page before apply. LINE contact: neffr

Ranked 7th in A Call to Arms: Until Death (Helsing/Penthesileia).

Last Update: 8/30/2015

Sanctum 2 5/20 Yes Closed Scobusby Fairly Serious Players! New union formed from a group of active players who were tired of being in an inactive guild. We just require you to be active, NOT hardcore, Goals are simple. Take down raid bosses, help each other reach the seasonal event goals and just have fun. Inactives will be removed through majority vote, so no one person is omnipotent.

Line chat is highly recommended to coordinate raid boss kills so everyone gets a slice of the pie.

Line ID - Scobusby

Ad Nauseam 13 16/20 Yes Closed Mal Fairly Serious Players! New union born from an old one's ashes. Not many requirements for joining - just be active and participate in raids, and be at least level 60. Unless informed from prior notice, inactive players that did not contribute to an event for a week will be removed. LINE chat is not required, but strongly recommended. If you're applying, be sure to message me directly!
Lost legion 16 20/20 Yes Closed Glacier1016 Hardcore


Game for fun, helping members, looking for active member in preparation of Union war.
Rule of Law 13 20/20 No Closed Murphy's Law Fairly Serious Players! Inactive's kicked weekly. LINE chat required for members to communicate and stay updated.
Heaven and Earth 18 20/20 Yes Closed SourSolace Fairly Serious Players! Recruitment will be done through Line Chat (: line: soursolace
Rabbit House 10 18/20 No Closed Kurousagi Fairly Serious Players! Inactives kicked weekly.
Dark Daughters 20 16/20 Yes Closed ||DD|| Atoli Hardcore Only! Line app required to join.
カミノコトバ/God's Word 19 19/20 Yes Closed Mxryang Fairly serious players! Currently we are looking for GMT+7 and GMT+8 member. Line user are

preferable to make a communication easy and on time for raid notification. Rude, Insensitive to other member will be kicked, we do not welcome such manner. PM Mxryang in game , thank you.

Chaos Library 17 20/20 No Closed Daniilobito All Welcome! Chaos Library welcomes all players of different levels to join us, mainly to have fun, kick*ss on events and look forward to our great adventure together in the world of Age of Ishtaria !

Pm Daniilobito in game :)

Casuals 20 20/20 No Closed Normal_Guy Fairly Serious! Welcome all actives. Although reached union capacity, inactive members (inactive for 2 weeks) will be removed for potential members to join.
Netorare 16 1/20 No Closed Magikarpet Dead Dissolved as of 4-4-15. RIP Mis
Cardinal Sins 16 20/20 No Closed Riv Fairly Serious Players! Currently full!! We are looking for active members and to do raids and events together!~~ Line Chat is required for Raid bosses.

Most of us are in GMT+8 Timezone, but all are welcomed. If interested please apply or feel free to pm me on LINE

Line ID: lolsmyass

Cardinal Squires 2 5/20 Yes Closed Stark Casuals OK! This is a sub Union of Cardinal Sins. Originally created to accomodate the casual players that were unable to attend UvU, now looking for new active members to expand the family. No requirements other than being active and having LINE chat for communication, beginners are welcomed too. If interested PM in LINE: lolsmyass OR Lovki
Stars of Destiny 5 3/20 Yes Open Kage All Welcome! Our Mantra is simple: Enjoy the game!

(See Union Page for details!)

The Giants 9 13/20 Yes Closed Marvelmudbutt Fairly Serious! New Union...Looking for actives...and looking for a merger as well.
Astro 18/20 Yes Closed Rocket Fairly Serious! Attack in Raids!
Reddit 15 19/20 Yes Closed Senpai Fairly Serious! Official Reddit union. This union is intended to get more users onto our subreddit at /r/ageofishtaria Growing our community also helps to improve the wiki and help get new players into the game.
HEARTLESS UNION 8 10/20 Closed TheHeartlessOne Fairly Serious! We'd like to have more members joining to increase our rank. Participation is highly advised (But not required). Join us :)
Carpathia 15 20/20 Yes Closed Mina Tepes Fairly Serious! Most of us are very active! We are looking to replace 2 inactive players. We prefer players lvl 70+ Please have at least 1 6*+2 or a 7* base. (Rifts are free!) We use kakaotalk to communicate, it's not required though. Inactivity and bullying are not tolerated and you will be kicked! We all love anime and we are a friendly guild that likes to joke around.
Senbonzakura 17 20/20 No Closed Tastyorange Fairly Serious! We welcome members who want to have fun, love art & anime, make new friends... and Miku! (We have a LINE group for tips, strategies, and chatting with friends).
Lunatic Pandora 15 20/20 No Closed Duckie Fairly Serious! Looking for those who want to have a good time playing; looking for active raiders - we WILL dismiss after 21 days of non-activity w/o letting me know whats up; LINE is required
Boobie Trap 16 19/20 Yes Closed Mr Bieu Fairly Serious!

Our members grow together as a group and always aim for the top! We use LINE for communication.

Member Requirements:

  1. Be friendly to all members
  2. Be active for raid events and Call to Arms
  3. Must be active daily
  4. Have LINE chat account

For more information contact us. LINE ID : bieulai

RGU 3 6/20 Yes Closed Valaga All Welcome! We are new Union looking for Casual Gamer and active Raiders
Memento Mori 17 20/20 No Closed Uchiyama Hardcore Only! We are an active and friendly union with a LINE group for Raid coordination and chat. The union will dismiss members who have an event without activity. Please contact at LINE ID: Uchiyama_L
Sky Gunners 17 12/20 Yes Closed Nellion All Welcome! 8 spaces. Until further notice the union will be going casual and wont be competing for top in future union wars. Anyone is that meets level requirements. My Line ID is solmagnum.

If you wish to join you need to be active, do raids and be level 70-90+ Union is based on GMT -4. From now on anyone who joins has to join our line group and communicate there, good for raids and more fun :) Talk to me through Line :solmagnum if you're interested in joining

Last Edit:4/20/2015

Valkyrie's Rage

Blood Sport Rank #65

20 20/20 Yes Closed MysteriousMrOwl Fairly



Recruiting active players, Line chat required, we have a friendly, helpful, internal union trade system, and a great chat atmosphere, 7 day no log in removal system, minimum LVL 50+ required, no timezone restrictions

Must have decent quest and raid decks, activity is required during most events and union war, check us out on our Facebook Page

if you wish to join contact me, Line ID:appleseed1

Ship of Theseus 20 20/20 No Closed GodaiNoBaka Fairly Serious Players!

(Last Update: December 6, 2017). Rank 25 union, in continuous operation since 2 months after the game went live.

We are rarely recruiting, but when we do have an opening, we will post in-game. Interested parties are welcome to contact any member, and we will contact you when an spot opens up.

minimum level 200

Must be available, or available for piloting at all battles for Call to Arms & Fortress Frenzy. Participation striongly encouraged during other events,

More information:

Royal Unity 17 14/20 Yes Closed Fairly Serious Players! Looking for active members.... union got hit by the plague...
Star-Vader 1 1/20 Yes Closed Ryuuseiboy All Welcome! Not sure about having a skillful player. But often online is what I need. So we can play together. I am online around 9:00 am-9:00 pm (GMT +7.00)
Tale of ishtaria 20 20/20 No Closed Xgastan Hardcore Only Were looking for friendly people who are often active and lvl 80+ if you would like to join message Xgastan.
Chronos 1 1/20 Yes Closed Nhaiz All Welcome! Have just created the union. Mainly looking for friendly players who could go online around the same time ~ (6pm+ at GMT+8) ^^
Team Rocket 8 16/20 Yes Closed Nervosa All Welcomed Seeking players of all time frames, casual or hardcore. Only requirement is a good attitude. We have an open Kik chat we discuss anything and everyone on, all are welcomed.
Cloud Squad 7 8/20 Yes Closed Kira Fairly Serious Players Level 40+

Not too much organization

fun and friendly

Strong Memebers

BACONSTACHE GODS 18 20/20 No Closed hiropi Just so chill, lol beware attack panda º^º
AP3X 3 6/20 Yes Closed dusturm Fairly serious! Looking for a few good members to round out the group. Organized with a Line chat. All levels welcome. Will deal with inactives as a council. No dictatorship here. Contact dusturm on Line or in game.
Night Watch 11 13/20 Yes Closed fiona983 All active welcome! Top 3 values:
  1. Be friendly/supportive to all members
  2. No drama/negativity tolerated - relax :)
  3. Be fairly active (spending is optional)

Apply in game; We have LINE as well!

Silicon Studio 18 20/20 No Closed Kuroha Hardcore! Rules
  1. Be friendly/supportive to all members
  2. Be active for raid events and union wars
  3. Min level required 120
  4. Join our LINE group and have fun pm Kurohaneko3o for invite
シャキン 16 20/20 No Closed Foreground Kinda serious players. Looking for some old or new active players to join the union. Having Skype is recommended since most of the chatting's done there, but it's ok if you don't want to. Just pm Skype ID: switchnote for an invite to the chat group if you want to.
The Illuminati 18 19/20 Yes Closed shenanigans Fairly Serious Looking for new members! We help each other, complete raids, and love to have fun! Line is strongly recommended.
Elysion 1 03/20 Yes Closed Erazia All Welcome! The leader (Erazia,Strength and Chocollat) are french (GMT+1) and we play often.

We search people who want to play and have good time with us.

All active player allowed just tell me for invite!

Infinite Freedom 15 17/20 Yes Closed ShinZ Fairly Serious Looking For Active Players
Atelier Aurora 1 17/20 Yes Closed Sanketsu Fairly Serious Looking for players who are level 30 or above and active.
Karasuno 8 7/20 Yes Closed Rei Casuals OK! Looking for fairly active players!!

Hit me up in game if you'd like an invite.

Pluviophile 8 19/20 yes open Fatmojnr Fairly Serious Looking for active players!(leader is at GMT+7) Lvl 40 and above! We want to have more active members to do more events together <3 Thank you~
Mekakushi Dan 12 17/20 Yes Closed Ruri Fairly Serious! Message on Line (MistressRuri) and accept the rules I show you. All types of players are welcome, as long as you participate in union-based events. I will remove those who do not comply. Don't worry though; we prefer to have fun while we play.
Mostly Harmless 17 13/20 Yes Closed Rekt Fairly Serious Mostly Harmless is currently recruiting. Prospective players must be active and be at a minimum of level 40. If still interested, please apply in-game &/or send a message to me for an invite. (ID: Rekt)
Twigs and Things 8 5/20 Yes Closed NubTactics Fairly Serious! Looking for relatively active members- (Login between 2-3 times per day), Minimum level 35+. Would like more members so that we can participate in events and do raids together. If you're interested, shoot me an in game message.
Khaeos 17 219/20 Yes Closed Deyanira Hardcore Only! Greetings players, we are Khaeos. We are more than a union, we are a family. Your level doesn't matter here; what matters the most is your passion, luck, effort, and skill. Using these traits you will become powerful at any level. Questions: Message Deyanira on LINE [ID: _Deyanira]


-Active[Log in Daily]

-Active in Events/Raids



Log Horizon 4 8/20 Yes Closed Shuffleblade Fairly Serious!

Founded May 15th, 2008.

Planning on growing bit by bit to become pretty serious, the only real requirement at the moment is being an active player. Line is used and will be required when we have grown a solid foundation of active players. We are a fun and friendly group that aims high but understands that all of us has lives as well. Lets have fun and build up a union from the ground up! All active players welcome, request to join or contact me: Shuffleblade (May 10th, 2015)

Futanari 1 2/20 Yes Closed NTR All Welcome! Come join us, chat and just discuss of whatever and play ishtaria

Requirements: Lv 20+

Bellowing Clouds 19 20/20 No Closed Peace Maker All Welcome! No level requirements. Must be respectful and nice and have a LINE account. Inactivity for a considerable amount of time without reporting a reason will be kicked.

No country specifications.

Renegade Espada 11 20/20 Yes Closed Axxell



Fairly Serious/ Hardcore! ::: WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL :::

Fairly new union (May 14th, 2015).

Reached rank 11 in 15 days of raids.

Most current Members are very active.

Union Wars #3 Rank 60.

No specific level requirement, but a high level & strong frontliner ability is a plus.

Must be active & contribute - help in raids, chat & trade w/ team, present in most UvU matches. (RL takes precedence though - just let either leader know! If not: kicked). All factors weighed before being kicked (e.g. lowest raid contribution doesn't necessarily mean kick). Most importantly, have fun & grow w/ us!

Members have LINE & KIK, but not required to join (optional)

If interested, PM either leader in game of drop a comment Here

360NoScope 13 20/20 Yes/Maybe Closed Maytrixum Hardcore dude!♣ Must be active all time! Raids,Events and UNION WARS is a MUST! WE will like u to try to be lv80+. Be nice and have FUN!♥ u also must have strong units too! Every day we grow stronger....
Diamond Eclipse 17 19/20 Yes Closed Ranos Fairly Serious! Must be active during UvU. We look for a friendly lvl 100+ player to help us on frontline, which means also needs a strong deck. Line app is also a must.
Synchronization 4 5/20 Yes Closed Pseraphin Fairly Serious!

Looking for fairly active players! Only requirement needed is a friendly attitude and willingness to help during events. If interested, please apply or PM Pseraphin on AoI.

Outliers 5 7/20 Yes Closed Zane Fairly Serious! Currently looking for active players. No requirement except participation in events, be active, and to have fun. We do use line so that is preferable, but again not required. If anyone is interested you can reach me on AOI or my line ID: ZaneSage.
Knights of Storm 24 20/20 No Closed Fallun Fairly Serious! We're a diverse union, with members all around the world. We view the game as a friendly competition, try to do our best but understand life comes first.

Latest revision: January 2017

KnightsOfStorm2 21 12/20 Yes Closed Takao Sora (Fallun)

Casuals OK!

Second union to the original Knights of Storm. Created to house more members under the same name.

Latest revision: January 2017

Devil's Advocate 19 18/20 Yes Closed Pika/Loki Hardcore Only! Looking for level 80+ members willing to be at 3/4 UvU rounds per day! We typically place top 45-60 and are improving quickly. We use LINE chat, please contact Pika or Loki if interested.
Purgatory 7 4/20 Yes Closed Drkchaos999 All Welcome! Looking for fairly active players! Only requirement needed is a friendly attitude and willingness to help during events. If interested, please message me in-game.
Primary Target 12 17/20 Yes Closed haishish Hardcore Only!

Hey there! We are welcoming anyone to join us so long as you are active. (We're not losers begging people to join us, I swear!) We strive to create a Union where eveybody can enjoy and have a good time. If interested, please message haishish via profile message board. Thank you for reading.

Tengen Toppa

10 10/20 Yes Closed ITG_DragonSlayer Fairly Serious! Looking for fairly active players! Only requirement needed is a friendly attitude and willingness to help during events. If interested, please message me in-game or on (Line. Line ID: itg_dragonslayer) P.S. Last Union Wars we made it in the top 100s with 9 members.
Ascension Valley 16 20/20 No Closed KalianMalikin Fairly Serious! Ascension Valley is always looking for any active members to join our little community~ If you're tired of lack of socialization and lack of help in events, you should join us~! 
Heirs of the Sun 12 18/20 Yes Open Ged Fairly Serious!

Beginner friendly open union that still holds it's own even against closed unions.

Discord: (coming)

Crota's Wrath Rank 421 :D






All Welcome!

Founded:  October 24th, 2014

'First Posted': May 20th, 2016

Open to users of all stances and walks of life!

We're open to teach beginners the basics of AoI as long as you're willing to learn and to put your newly learned skills to practice! Saigai Hikigane (talk) 21:28, May 20, 2016 (UTC)

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