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The Twilight Coliseum was a Coliseum Event in Age of Ishtaria.

Salix and Meru Event DialogueEdit

During the EventEdit

  • Salix: Wowza! The Coliseum's back!! I've been achin' to rough somethin' up!
  • Meru: Sali, you're awfully spirited this time around!
  • Salix: Spirited? I'ma Sali-Punch the spirit outta someone!
  • Meru: Seems like those with a command of the Null elemental are brimming with power this time♪
  • Salix: Me? A Null elemental user? Pfff, Nah, Mother Earth'll still reign supreme!
  • Meru: Be sure to gauage your strengths before you go in!
  • Salix: I can see it now... The Legendary Mandragora of Legend! The Winner!


  • Salix: I can't believe it... The Coliseum's over. I still had a Sali-Punch left...
  • Meru: You did very well♪
  • Salix: How many people did I Sali-Punch into the Shadow Realm... 1000... 2000...
  • Meru: You really gave it your all!
  • Salix: Yea, Servant, now gimme your rewards!
  • Meru: Now now, Sali... Let's see what you got♪

Event TimeEdit

Started after 3/19's maintenance and ended on 03/26 00:00 AM PST/PDT.

Overview 1Edit

You can get Twilight Medals from participating in Battles during the event.

Your rank will be determined by how many Twilight Medals you have. Rank rewards will be sent during maintenance after the event has finished.

How to get Twilight MedalsEdit

  • From designated Battle ranking rewards.
  • 4 Twilight Medals per Battle won.
  • You'll get an extra 10 Twilight Medals from winning 5 Battles in a row. (Consecutive wins are counted within each battle time bracket.)

Overview 2Edit

  • Null attacks deal 50% extra damage during battles.

Overview 3Edit

  • Quest bosses have a chance of dropping Mini BP Potions during the event. (Only the bosses of quest names ending with '-4'). Except bosses from The Palace of Fire.

Overview 4Edit

1.5x the Twilight Medals from 3/23 + 1.5x the Twilight Medals will be awarded from 3/23's Battle I onwards.

2x the Twilight Medals from 3/25 + 2x the Twilight Medals will be awarded from 3/25's Battle I onwards.

These bonuses effect the Medals received from winning, consecutive winning, and battle ranking.

Overview 5Edit

Those who place in the lucky rankings (501-510) at the end of Battle IV and Battle VII will receive a 5★ Justitia, Your Honor, as a special reward.

  • You MUST place in the designated ranking in order to receive the unit.


  • The Medals you've earned, that you haven't received, will be added into the calculation of your rank.
  • Your ranking may change after maintenance.
  • Using any bugs/tools/hacks to gain an advantage will result in a Permanent Ban.
  • Event content and availability may be subject to change without notice.


Twilight Coliseum Astraia Reward
Twilight Coliseum Justitia Reward
Twilight Coliseum Azurene Reward
Bracket Reward
1 - 100 Astraia ×3
Justitia ×3
Azurene ×3
101 - 200 Astraia ×2
Justitia ×3
Azurene ×3
201 - 300 Astraia ×1
Justitia ×3
Azurene ×3
301 - 500 Justitia ×3
Azurene ×3
501 - 700 Justitia ×2
Azurene ×3
701 - 1000 Justitia ×1
Azurene ×3
1001 - 2000 Azurene ×3
2001 - 3000 Azurene ×2
3001 - 5000 Azurene ×1


External LinksEdit

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