• I was curious as what units are good fillers (I.e. 5* or 4* @ +4 evolutions. For your deck when you don't have enough cost-space)? Are there some that more people use than others? I know people use Elisha if since she has a bit of health and is pound unit in defensive decks. But what others get used a lot or do you find effective?

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    • Sippar (for HP) and Aigai (for ATK) were common fillers. For defense, Ullikummi became more popular due to her cost dropping to 8 upon ascension.

      The only time I use 5 or 6*s in defense is Fortress Frenzy, but I just end up filling it in with my collector's units that have decent stats/skills.

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    • 1* Scythe 2* Aigai/Sippar (Aigai is stronger, but Sippar can launch, iirc - how embarrassing to get launched by a 2*!) 3* Skiekron (but her paralysis blade support skill seems impossible to unlock), or Shax. 4* Amdukias. Or maybe Grendel for looks. 5* Nanna (DC=12 glitch!), or maybe Reginleiv, Gaap, Forcas, or Puzuzu. Some of these are probably outdated choices, as newer units get better stats and passives. But once you break a low rarity unit, it's easy to stick with it.

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