• So I made these new unit templates to use for the wikia:
    Template for no evolve units
    Template for non-ascension units
    Template for ascension units
    they copy a format from another wikia and should involve less scrolling and make it easier to know what's the correct proc rate for each evo stage. if we were to switch over to these new templates, most of the parameters are still the same, but we'll need to change some parameter names:
    Old change to New
    'skill 1' change to '1st skill name #' (# is evo stage number, 0 = base, 4 = +4 evo)
    'skill 1 type' change to '1st skill type #'
    'skill 1 desc' change to '1st skill desc #'
    'skill 1 desc+' just remove this parameter, we'll use line break instead
    'skill 1 proc' change to '1st skill proc #'
    'skill 2 type' change to '2nd skill type #'
    'skill 2 desc' change to '2nd skill desc #'
    'skill 2 desc+' just remove this parameter, we'll use line break instead
    'skill 2 proc' change to '2nd skill proc #'
    'obtain' change to 'availability'

    add these parameters:
    'new ascension art'
    'quote 3'
    'quote 4'
    'home quote 3'
    'home quote 4'
    'details X'

    you can go to the editing page and change "{{Unit" to "{{Unit+#" (replace # with 0, 2, or 4) and check the preview to see how it works without making the changes (although the preview might be missing some parts if you didn't add in the new parameter names and maybe if the stats have commas in them)
    I would like to fix the unit list, but I'll need to wait on becoming an admin or something.

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    • This template is awesome. No more awkward blank space. Also, the tabs for the units is really neat and makes it easier on my computer to load when i have other things running. Upvote for me, can't wait to see this implemented on everything!

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    • just wonder about deck scoreĀ :x

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    • deck score is the amount of victory points the Unit will add to your defense deck, which determines how much victory points your deck will give to a player to defeated your deck in the battle page. the shown deck score is for unbroken Units, just add 4.75 deck score for a fully broken unit.

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