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The Gift of Magic is a recurring Gifting Event in Age of Ishtaria. It was preceded by the event, Belly of the Beast (Golem) and will be followed by the upcoming event, Ring of the Red Drake.


Gifts Collected Reward
50 Gift Rewards AP Potion x2
100 Gift Rewards Ishtarian Crowns x50
150 Gift Rewards BP Potion x2
200 Gift Rewards Ishtarian Crowns x100
300 Gift Rewards AP Potion x10
400 Gift Rewards Ishtarian Crowns x200
500 Gift Rewards BP Potion x10
600 Gift Rewards Victoria (Road to Victory)
700 Gift Rewards Victoria (Road to Victory)
800 Gift Rewards Victoria (Road to Victory)
1,000 Gift Rewards Ishtarian Crowns x300

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