General InformationEdit

This event lasts for a week from 11/20/2014's maintenance until 11/26.


Send Gifts. Get rewards!

General RewardsEdit

For every gift you send and match, you can get one of the following items:

  • Gold, Silver, or Bronze Summon Ticket
  • S, M, or L Spirit Gem of either [ATK] or [DEF]
  • Potion of various levels
  • Gimmel
  • Grimoires

How to Obtain Gifts to Send and Match!Edit

There are various ways to obtain gifts to send to people for rewards!

  • Logging into the game everyday during the event
  • Completing quests
  • Raid Boss rewards
  • Limited time Strategy Card Packs for only Flurry, Slice, or Pound types.


  • It is said the chances of getting more gifts are higher the further up in quest level.
  • Player can only send 1 GIFT to the same user per hour!
    • If a player has been sent a gift but the other player hasn't MATCHED the GIFT, the player must wait until the other player has MATCHED the gift before sending another one.
  • Players can send gifts to others in the Union or to players they follow!

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