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The Cursed Treasures of the Royal Family was an Item-Collection Event in Age of Ishtaria. It was followed by the event, Tales of History: A Warrior's Path.

Event DescriptionEdit

Scour the Quest Maps for Mimics! They'll randomly appear in every area! Spooky!

Give all your Jewels to Salix! Earn lots of awesome items!

Trade Jewels for Items!

Climb the Rankings for SPECTACULAR REWARDS!

Salix DialogueEdit


  • Salix: Servant, go defeat those Mimics at once! They ate my Jewels and I want them BACK NOW!

Sending JewelsEdit

  • Salix: Oooh, Jewels. Take this junk! BRING ME MORE!

Jewel PointsEdit

Jewel Type Points Rewarded
Red Jewel 1pt
Blue Jewel 2pt
Green Jewel 3pt
Purple Jewel 5pt

About Special UnitsEdit

Adding one of the Special Units below to your deck will increase your chance of encounter Mimics! There is also a 100% chance of a Jewel dropping when you defeat a Mimic with one of the following units in your Deck!

Special Units:

The Special Unit bonus effect does not stack (e.g. 2 units does not give double the chance).

All of the Special Units have the same bonus.

Event TimeEdit

From after 4/16's maintenance to 4/23 2:00 AM PST/PDT.

Event Tip 1Edit

There are some maps where Mimics are more likely to pop up!

  • Mimics do not appear in The Sands of Time or The Nightmare Rift.
  • A drop from an Orb Turtle gets priority over a Mimic.

Event Tip 2Edit

Giving Salix Jewels will not reduce your overall Jewel Pts / Ranking.


  • Event content and availability may be subject to change without notice.
  • Rankings may take some time to update, sometimes resulting in differences between rankings right before and after the event finishes.
  • Using any bugs/tools/hacks will result in a permanent ban.
  • Clearing any conditions after the event ends will not grant you any rewards.


Bracket Reward
1 - 100 Isis ×3
Anubis ×3
Menthu ×3
101 - 200 Isis ×2
Anubis ×3
Menthu ×3
201 - 300 Isis ×1
Anubis ×3
Menthu ×3
301 - 500 Anubis ×3
Menthu ×3
501 - 700 Anubis ×2
Menthu ×3
701 - 1000 Anubis ×1
Menthu ×3
1001 - 2000 Menthu ×3
2001 - 3000 Menthu ×2
3001 - 5000 Menthu ×1

Completion RewardEdit

  • Anubis

External LinksEdit

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