School Daze Banner

School Daze was a Raid/Ranking Event in Age of Ishtaria. It was preceded by the event A Call to Arms: Double Impact and it will be followed by the upcoming event, House of the Unholy.

Salix and Meru Pre-Event DialogueEdit

  • Meru: What's wrong, Sali? You're getting your roots all tangled!
  • Salix: My trusted servant is go..go...GONE! Who's gonna do my chores now?!
  • Meru: Oh no! Keep calm! We'll start looking immediately!
  • Salix: *sniff*... ok... mebbe it's cuz I ate his candy? i'm sorry...please come back...

Salix and Meru Post-Event DialogueEdit

  • Salix: Talk about CLOSE CALLS!
  • Meru: I know! Mind Control?! Scary stuff!
  • Salix: Don't worry! Mind Control doesn't work on me!
  • Meru: I didn't think it would!
  • Salix: Ye - HEY! What's that supposed to mean!


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