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Raid Boss Vali was a 2015 raid boss season that ran alongside Let's Talk Turkey from November 12th @ 1am to November 19th @ 1am.

Encountering a Raid Boss Edit

While hunting turkeys, players were able to build up their raid boss encounter rate. Once it got high enough, players would encounter a raid boss which they could then fight using their raid decks. Like normal, the boss 1-hit-KOs each of your teams of 3 units, so the most reliable way to deal damage is to have a raid deck with high attack.

Union Point Rewards Edit

You could earn union points for dealing damage to, discovering, or assisting to kill raid bosses along with your union. Gaining more union points during this raid boss season (like usual) will rank you higher than your union mates, and gives you a multiplier (your "title") during the next raid boss season.

The rewards for this season were:

  • 5,000 Pts: 3x Angel Feather
  • 10,000 Pts: 5x Silver Summon
  • 15,000 Pts: 2x BP Potion
  • 20,000 Pts: 10x S Spirit Gem [DEF]
  • 30,000 Pts: 10x S Spirit Gem [ATK]
  • 50,000 Pts: 1x Grimoire III
  • 75,000 Pts: 10x Silver Summon
  • 100,000 Pts: 1x Bradamante, Forbidden Love
  • 120,000 Pts: 1x Bradamante, Forbidden Love
  • 140,000 Pts: 1x Bradamante, Forbidden Love
  • 150,000 Pts: 3x BP Potion
  • 160,000 Pts: 1x Bradamante, Forbidden Love
  • 180,000 Pts: 1x Bradamante, Forbidden Love
  • 200,000 Pts: 1x L Spirit Gem [ATK]
  • 230,000 Pts: 1x L Spirit Gem [DEF]
  • 250,000 Pts: 1x Wyatt Earp, Legendary Lawman
  • 300,000 Pts1x Wyatt Earp, Legendary Lawman
  • 350,000 Pts1x Wyatt Earp, Legendary Lawman
  • 450,000 Pts: 1x Reward Pack Ticket
  • 550,000 Pts1x Wyatt Earp, Legendary Lawman
  • 650,000 Pts1x Wyatt Earp, Legendary Lawman
  • 700,000 Pts: 3x Grimoire III
  • 800,000 Pts: 1x Vali, Sweet Revenge
  • 900,000 Pts1x Vali, Sweet Revenge
  • 1,000,000 Pts1x Vali, Sweet Revenge
  • 2,000,000 Pts: 100 Crowns
  • 3,000,000 Pts1x Vali, Sweet Revenge
  • 4,000,000 Pts1x Vali, Sweet Revenge
  • 5,000,000 Pts: 1x Reward Pack Ticket

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