Witch of Ages

Maps and quests must be completed in order to advance to the next. Maps are numbered in sequence with the story line.

Ruins of Purity
Stronghold Of Peace
The Lair of Fire
Forest of the King
Cave of Temptation
Den of the Dragon
Western Wind Dunes
The Goddess Grotto
Plains of the Emperor
Valley of Death
The Silent Alcove
Palace of Fire
Ship Graveyard
Forest of Predators
Maze of Mysteries header
Road to Truth header
Heaven's Garden header
Church of Salvation header


Uncharted Waters

Quests in the left column may be completed in any order, other quests are only available after completing the previous quest. Maps are numbered in sequence with the story line.

The Furthest Forest
The Last Mandragora
City Sewers
Control Tower
Underground Prison
The Mausoleum
Railway Ruins
Sand-covered Shrine

Quests Overview

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