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Taken from the game's help section.

Final Notes

Deleting this app will cause you to lose ALL of your play data up to that point.

All players under 20 years of age, please seek the permission of your guardians before making any purchases.

It is recommended that guardians supervise their child during play to avoid any potential mishaps.


The album is where you can view all of the units you have acquired since starting the game.

Even units who have since been sold, or otherwise lost, will appear here.


If you have any pending gifts, they will appear on the main screen under the "Gifts" icon.

  • Some gifts have an expiration date, meaning that you must claim them during a certain period of time or they will be lost!
  • There is a soft cap for gifts set at 1000. Anything exceeding this number may cause you to lose or be unable to receive gifts properly.

Following and Followers

Use the Follow feature to keep tabs on other players.

To follow another player, simply tap the Follow button while viewing their profile.

You can view those players following you by tapping on the Follower button.


Quoted from the in-game help section.

In order to help us assist you, please be as specific as possible about the nature of your problem.

It is important that you use the device that is experiencing the problem to contact us whenever possible. Not doing so will hinder our ability to help you.

For players using multiple devies, please send in your support form from the device that is experiencing trouble. When filling out the support form, please include as many of the following details as possible: "When", "Who", "Who With", "Where", "What", "How Many", "How", etc. Every detail you provide will help us, help you.

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