About Special UnitsEdit

Metatron Union Pts 25% UP
Nevil Union Pts 25% UP
Ishtar Union Pts 20% UP
Vassago Union Pts 20% UP
Siduri Union Pts 15% UP


[Event Time]Edit

Starts: 12/08, post-maintenance Ends: 12/25 at 02:00 PST/PDT.

[How to Earn Union Pts]Edit

- Clear Event Quests
- Rack Up Damage in Raids
- Defeat Raid Bosses
Union points from Discovering or Participating in a raid will be sent when the Raid Boss is defeated (even if another player delivers the killing blow).
- You can earn more Union Pts by beating Raids you discover than from other Raids!

[About Special Units]Edit

- You can increase the amount of Union Pts you get from clearing Quests or damaging raid bosses by putting a Special Unit in your deck!
(Discovery and Participation bonuses will not be affected)
- If multiple Special Units are in the same deck, only the strongest one will have an effect.
(Effect is limited to one unit.)

[About Maps]Edit

- There are 16 Quests in a Map
Clear all 48 Quests in 3 Maps to clear the event.
- Something "merry" may be lurking after you clear all the maps...
- All Completion and Rank Rewards will be sent to your Gift Box.

[About Rewards]Edit

- All rewards will be sent to your Gift Box.
- Rank Rewards will be sent during maintenance after the event has finished.
- Completion Rewards will be sent after respective conditions have been met.
(ex. Map Cleared, etc.)
- You can confirm your Completion Rewards in the Raids page.

[Map Clear Rewards]Edit

- Clearing through the event's Bonus Map will reward you with a special event unit!
5☆ Nimrod, Deal with the Devil
- You can get 5☆ Nimrod, Deal with the Devil from Completion Rewards as well.


- Event content and availability may be subject to change without notice.
- Rankings may take some time to update and reflect, sometimes resulting in differences between Rankings right before and right after the Event finishes.
- Using any bugs/tools/hacks to gain an advantage will result in a Permanent Ban.
- Clearing any conditions after the event ends will not grant you any rewards.

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