Love is in the Air Banner 1

General InformationEdit

Love is in the Air is a Gift Event which lasts for a week from 2/11's Maintenance until 2/18.


Salix: MERU!!!
It's Valentines Day season again!
Meru: Are you all ready, Sali?
Salix: You bet, Meru!
This year I'm gonna get allllll the Gifts!
Meru: What about your servant, Sali?♪
Salix: ...
... ...
I'll have to think about it...
Meru: SALI!!

Gift Count Reward Quantity
50 Bp Potion 1
100 Ap Potion


150 Scroll I 2
200 Bp Potion 2
300 Ap Potion 2
400 Amethyst 1
500 Amethyst 1
600 Amethyst 1
700 Amethyst


800 Amethyst 1
900 Istharian Crowns 100
1000 Scroll II 2
1200 Ishtarian Crowns 200
1500 Bp Potion 3
2000 Ap Potion 3

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