King of the Ring is a special type of event that was first added in the February 26, 2015 maintenance.

In the King of the Ring you can duel other players' Raid Battle Decks with your quest team and earn special rewards by collecting Duel Points from victories.

How to PlayEdit

Choosing OpponentsEdit

  • Opponents' decks are ranked from Rank C (weakest) to Rank SS (strongest).
  • You may spend up to 5 BP to increase your ATK and HP by up to 2×.


Your enemies' attributes vary largely depending on the Unit type. These are listed here.

Flurry icon FlurryEdit

  • High ATK
  • Low DEF

Slice icon SliceEdit

  • Will occasionally launch one of your units into the air. The launched unit will lose the ability to attack for 1 turn.

Pound icon PoundEdit

  • High DEF
  • Slow to attack
  • Will occasionally stun one of your units. The stunned unit will lose the ability to attack for 1 turn.


You will get different amounts of Duel Points depending on how many units you defeat in a duel. Each unit defeated in a Raid Battle Deck, depending on the rank of the deck, will give a certain amount of points.

Rank Points
Rank C 5
Rank B 10
Rank A 20
Rank S 40
Rank SS 80

Defeating the entire enemy deck will give you 1.5× the Duel Points. Even if you lose the duel, you can still get Duel Points from the units you defeated.

Duel Points, when collected, will give rewards.

Defense DeckEdit

Your 3rd Raid Battle Deck will be set as your Defense Deck. If you haven't set your 3rd Raid Battle Deck, the Auto Build Deck will be set as your Defense Deck.

You can get additional points, depending on the rank of your Defense Deck, whenever you successfully defend against another User's attack.

Rank Points
Rank C 10
Rank B 20
Rank A 30
Rank S 40
Rank SS 50

In addition to the points based on rank, you can also get bonus points based on how many times you successfully defend against another player's attack.

You get one point upon successfully defending against another User's attack.?

Successful Defends Bonus Points
1 Time 50
3 Times 100
5 Times 150
7 Times 200
10 Times 250
12 Times 300
15 Times 350
20 Times 400


You cannot use any items during a duel.


  • Predict a unit's weight by taking in account its size and appearance.
  • Units that have Skills that heal units or lower your enemies' DEF and ATK could be the keys to victory!
  • Don't be afraid to spend a few BP to guarantee your victory!

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