Ishtarian Crowns, commonly referred to as just "crowns," are the premium currency used in Age of Ishtaria. There are various in-game ways to obtain them, allowing all players the ability to access premium packs without spending real money.

How to obtain

  • Login bonus: 10, 20, or 50 crowns
  • Complete any quest for the first time, including event quests and Nightmare Rifts: 20 crowns
  • Complete any quest that ends a chapter for the first time, including event quests: 50 crowns
  • Complete any bonus quest for the first time: varies, at least 50 crowns
  • Complete challenges: varies
  • Participate and/or rank in events: varies, see front page for current event details
    • Turn in Nightmare Rift runes: 100 crowns
    • Turn in collection items to Salix: 200 crowns
    • Participate in and win a Union war battle: 100 crowns
    • Participate in and lose a Union war battle: 30 crowns
  • Purchase with real money (see below)

Purchase prices

United States
Price Crowns
$0.99 100
$2.99 300
$4.99 500
$9.99 1000
$29.99 3000
$49.99 5000
$84.99 8400