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Festival of Spirits is a gifting event beginning August 21, 2015, after maintenance, and ending August 28, 2015, at 02:00 PST. It is preceded by Belly of the Beast 2 and followed by Folly in the Forest - She's BAAACK!.

In gifting events, logging in daily and completing quests earns Lamps that can be sent to Union members and follows. When a Lamp is received, the receiver can match by sending a Lamp in return. In both sending and matching, both players involved receive a small, random reward. Rare Lamps can be obtained rarely through quests or from buying crown packs, and are worth 10 Lamps gifted, but can only be used to match, not to send. Rare Lamp rewards are slightly better.

Lamp Gift Count Rewards
Lamps Gifted (Total) Reward
30 Mini AP Potion x3
50 Ishtarian Crowns x20
70 AP Potion x1
100 Ishtarian Crowns x30
150 BP Potion x2
200 Ishtarian Crowns x50
300 AP Potion x3
350 5★ Girra x1
400 Crowns x100
450 5★ Girra x1
500 Festival Ticket x1
600 5★ Girra x1
650 6★ Pazuzu (Festival) x1
700 5★ Girra x1
750 6★ Pazuzu (Festival) x1
800 5★ Girra x1
900 6★ Pazuzu (Festival) x1
1,000 Festival Ticket x1
1,200 BP Potion x3
1,500 Ishtarian Crowns x100
2,000 AP Potion x3

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