Chaos Hydra
Name Chaos Hydra
Type Boss
Element Null Null
Attack Multiple
Cooldown 1
Weight Heavy
DEF Medium
Appears in Unknown
Skills Self Heal

Special NotesEdit

  • Chaos Hydra will do heavy damage with multiple hits every turn unless staggered.
  • Chaos Hydra will resist the first KO. Following this, it is required that the squad rend him to defeat him.
  • Chaos Hydra will self heal by a large amount if its HP reaches half.

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • It is advised that you stagger the Chaos Hydra as hinted by the text after it attacks as it deals around 2k+ damage x8 randomly. Staggering it reduces this to 800+ each. This is highly useful if one does not have a very strong deck.
  • It is not recommended to burst down the Chaos Hydra at first, since it can prevent hp from falling below 1 once (as mentioned above). It will inevitably heal once afterwards. At this point, though, it is the green light for you to go all out and defeat it, before it annihilates you.

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