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Belly of the Beast (Dragon) is the second Belly of the Beast event. It was preceded by A Call to Arms: Until Death and followed by Festival of Spirits. Numerous improvements were made to the event type after the previous Belly of the Beast (Golem), including the ability to limit beast battles to Union members and overall streamlining of the damage system and points earned from damage.

What's NewEdit

Please see Belly of the Beast (Golem) for the original rules, or refer to the in-game event rules to see the comprehensive rule set.

  • Beast Pts are now determined by the amount of damage you do!
  • You can now get Beast Pts for overkill damage as well!
  • All Players will get bonus Beast Pts just for taking down a Beast!
  • Some new Beast Pt Bonuses have also been added!
  • You can now choose whether you want to make the Beasts you hunt public for everyone to attack, or private for only your Union Members.
  • Higher Ranked Beasts have a chance of becoming a Rare Beast!
  • Rare beasts will have a (R) after their names!
  • Rare Beasts yield higher Beast Pts!
  • Rare Beasts have a higher chance to show their faces during Full-Scale War.
  • Hunting Beasts has been reduced to 2 BP (previously 5 BP).
  • Up to 5 players can participate in a single Beast battle (previously 15).
  • Beast battles last for 30 minutes (previously 60 minutes).
  • Bonuses are now percentage increases in Beast Pts based on damage dealt instead of fixed values.
    • Discovery Bonus: +50% Beast Pts for discovering the Beast.
    • Speed Bonus: +100% Beast Pts if the Beast is defeated within 10 minutes of discovery.
    • Damage Bonus: Percentage increase in Beast Pts based on the amount of damage dealt to the Beast.
      • 10%+ damage: +10%
      • 20%+ damage: +20%
      • 30%+ damage: +25%
      • 40%+ damage: +30%
      • 50%+ damage: +35%
    • Killing Blow: +30% Beast Pts for dealing the killing blow on a Beast.
  • War Horns now increase ATK by 50% (previously 20%).
  • The maximum ATK bonus between Comrades and War Horns is now 300% (previously 150%).


Ranking Rewards
Rank Reward

There are also personal rewards for earning different milestones of Beast Pts.

Personal Rewards
Beast Pts Reward
500 War Horn x1
1,000 Mini BP Potion x3
3,000 Grimoire II x5
5,000 War Horn x1
10,000 3★ Ibis x1
15,000 War Horn x1
20,000 Mini AP Potion x3
30,000 War Horn x1
50,000 4★ Cordelia x1
70,000 M Spirit Gem (ATK) x5
100,000 Grimoire III x3
150,000 War Horn x2
200,000 S Spirit Gem (DEF) x5
300,000 L Spirit Gem (ATK) x3
400,000 War Horn x2
500,000 5★ Avon x1
600,000 L Spirit Gem (DEF) x3
700,000 BP Potion x5
800,000 War Horn x2
900,000 AP Potion x5
1,000,000 6★ Alhazred x1
2,000,000 Scroll I x1
3,000,000 Scroll I x1
4,000,000 Scroll I x1
5,000,000 Scroll II x1

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