【Step 1】 Let's Play Bingo!Edit

  • First Bingo card starts at Beginner difficulty.
  • Work your way up through Adept, Expert, and Master cards!

【Step 2】 Complete Goals!Edit

  • Clearing a Goal will clear that number on the Bingo Card.
  • Clearing 5 Goals vertically, horizontally, or diagonally counts as a Bingo.

【Step 3】 Adapt your deck for certain Goals!Edit

  • Some Goals have specific conditions like "Female Units Only" or "All Water Deck".
  • These must be met in order to complete a Goal! Adapt and conquer!

【Step 4】 Clear the Card and get Rewards!Edit

  • Fully completing a Bingo Card will reward you with prizes!


  • The 'Hyper Bomb' feat can be achieved by slamming a heavy enemy, like a Garm, from a very high altitude! Slice → Crumple should reduce the weight and get you on the right track!
  • You can knock an enemy high into the sky... You might even see the moon!
  • The higher the bingo card, the higher the difficulty. There might be times where you need to strategize skills and search for certain units to help you.
  • Support Skills are those skills that activate when using Rend or Crumple. Cards that use Support Skills can be seen here.


  • Event Rules, Times and Conditions may be changed without notice.
  • Bingo Conditions must be completed in the main story Quests. Attempts to complete conditions in the Sands of Time WILL NOT count.
  • Completing a goal without completing the Quest (i.e. Retire / Lose) will NOT count for Bingo Cards.

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