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A Call to Arms: Nowhere to Run is the current Union War Event in Age of Ishtaria. It is a sequel to the event, A Call to Arms: Double Impact. It was preceded by the event, House of the Unholy - THEY'RE BAAACK! and will be followed by the upcoming event, Belly of the Beast (Golem).


Listed are the following changes made to the Union War system:

  • All left over Channeled Magic will be saved for the next Summon.
  • All Players start with 50 SP out of 100.
  • A Player receives 10 SP upon performing Return using a BP potion.
  • The Enemies you battle during an Attack will be determined by the opponent's remaining HP. The opponent's Defense Deck will change base on how much HP they have. This will be decided in increments of Units, rather than 3 Unit Teams as before.
  • You will now receive 30 Crowns for losing a battle as long as you have participated in the battle.

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